When you start training your puppies‘ basic manners like sitting down, waiting for their food to be prepared, and litter, you are assured of a well-behaved adult dog. However, different puppies and adult dogs may have some basic manners that apply across them all. Here are some of their basic manners you are likely to get on a dog of any age.

Their Crate

Once you acquire a dog, whether you will adopt an adult dog or a puppy, they will have their crate where they mostly sleep. Once you have a dog and introduce them to their crate or sleeping area with their blanket, then you are likely to find your dog sleeping on the same spot daily. It is something you are likely not to teach them again.

Littering Area

Every dog older or younger needs to be taught their littering area. A puppy litters more than an adult dog. The basic manners are that once they learn their littering area, it is less likely for a dog to spoil the house. If both puppy and adult dog is not taught where to litter, they will litter anywhere around the house.

Accustomed to Routine

Dogs get accustomed to routine from a very young age. A puppy eats more times than an adult dog, and they get used to their feeding time, and as they grow, they get used to the idea and with no time. As the puppy grows, feeding patterns also change, and so do they change.


When a dog is taught from an easy age to respect people and not jump at them, it grows with good manners. It is a habit that can be taught to both puppies and dogs. You have people loving your dog because of the respect it accords them.

Relation with other AnimalsRelation with other Animals

Whether it is an adult or a puppy, your dog needs to relate well with other pets around your home. Its basic manners for pets are sharing the same house to have good relations. Teach your dog to start behaving well around other people.


If you do not want your dog to jump over your furniture, start instilling their manners since they are weeks old. You may have adopted an adult dog then instill in them that you do not like when they jump. If a dog jumps, say no and guide them with the lease to climb down.


A dog should lead while going for a walk in a calm and corrected manner without pulling. Start training your dog early on how it is supposed to behave while on a walk and reward each time it behaves accordingly.


Dogs like chewing irrespective of their age, and you may find them chewing things around the house. Ensure anything that a dog can chew is out of its way. Whenever they chew anything, let the dog know it is terrible by folding a paper and hitting the ground.

It is essential to have a well-mannered dog, and some basic manners do not need to be taught by an expert. It is something you can do at home with your furry friend.