Your dog may be lonely at home while you are out working and may need day care services to keep you happy and full of activities. But then how do you know if your dog is fit for day care services? How will you trust the staff at the daycare to take care of your fido while at work? Will your furry friend miss you while at the day care? Will they get along well with their dogs around the day care? These are but some of the few questions any dog parent may ask themselves. Let us look at the famous dog day care FAQS.

What is a Dog Day Care?

Dog day care is where you drop your dog for the day to play with other fur friends in a clean, safe, and supervised environment. Just like you take your child to day care when you are not round. Your dogs also need to mingle and play with other dogs instead of staying indoors all alone. The day care services offer a safe environment with qualified experts to take care of your dog with things like feeding, walks, and grooming if you are up to it.

Benefits of Taking your Dog at a Dog Day Care?

When you take your dog-to-dog daycare, you are assured of regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. If your dog has poor socialization with other dogs or people because they do not get to interact with them much, then a daycare will do wonders for your dogs’ socialization skills. A daycare helps keep your dog busy through the day, reducing boredom, anxiety, and destruction from staying all alone at home. Increases your dog’s overall health and happiness.

Does size separate dogs?Does size separate dogs?

Most dog daycare service providers usually separate dogs by their size and weight. Bigger dogs can hurt smaller dogs while playing. That is why they are separated by size. Some other consideration is the temperament and age before they are assigned their specific playing area.

What Should I Expect from My Dog After Day Care?

Your dog may be tired; this is expected as dogs lay all day. However, puppies are taken to the cabin to rest for a while. Due to running all day, your dog may be thirsty even after having water at the daycare. Your dog’s paws may be a little sensitive. There is no need to get worried as dog pads get sensitive due to playing.

Do you administer immunization?

Every dog’s owner should ensure their dog is immunized well and has regular visits to the vet to ensure their dog’s health is up to date. This prevents your dog from being infected with severe diseases.

Can I take a Tour?

Yes, we love having you stop by and see how we care for your dog, the activities that your dog does throughout the day, their feeding routine, and how safe the environment is.

Before you settle for any dog day care, ensure you have done your research well and visited the daycare you intend to take your dog. Ask as many questions as possible to clarify any doubts you may have.