Many people think that dog training is something so straightforward and simple to achieve without anyone getting bogged down. This is further from the truth. However, dog owners are beginning to appreciate how regulars dog training could turn out of life-saving value. If it becomes a challenge handling the process on your own, find a professional trainer to help point your pet in the right direction. They are well equipped on how to provide the much-needed guidance that will see your dog’s behavior improve.

5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

The dog’s safety – A dog that bolts off when off the leash is most likely to cause trouble or run into one. Train it to obey voice commands when unrestrained. This may help it from running down the road or jumping the fence into the neighbor’s compound.

Develop the dog’s sociability – A well-trained dog will learn to respect boundaries and stay well-mannered in social places. Humans and other animals would feel comfortable being around it. As the owner, you will begin enjoying walking around with your well-groomed pet.

Safer home and a happy owner – Who would dare invade your living quarters if you have a well-trained security dog? Continuously instilling manners in your dog would ensure your residence is treated with respect.

It gets more comfortable for the vet and other health professionals to work with your dog- No veterinarian or other health worker would risk their safety, attempting to work on a violently harmful dog. The dog’s health conditions may grow worse if it cannot be handled.

Strengthens Real Connection Between You and Your Dog – You will be spending time together, sharing experiences, and learning to understand each other.

Pointers That You’re Holding Back Your Dog Training

– You are waiting too long to start training. Regardless of age, training should begin the moment the dog comes home with you.

– Your training is not at all regular. Scheduled training yields the best results. It is not just something you try one time, and you are done.

– Thinking that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is it. This might hinder you from discovering your dog’s full potential.

– You are inconsistent with your training sessions or tricks. You may confuse your dog and accidentally reinforce undesired behaviors.

Simple Tricks to Keep Dog Training Fun

Making dog training fun helps keep the dog and the handlers more interested in the process. Practicing the same moves over and over during training may turn out boring in the long end.

Grab the following tricks to help your dog focus on training and boost the trainer’s enthusiasm.

Watch me – keep the dog on a leash and move around within the range of the leash. Watch out that every time the dog looks up at you, instantly reward them.

Sit – Train the dog to sit by holding the leash taught to find it hard to move. Hold your hand forward, palm-side up with a treat, and move it perpendicularly towards the back of the dog as you command “Sit.” Give them a pleasure as soon as they sit.

Stay – Have the dog sit in front (as above) and command “Stay.” Wait for about four seconds and reward the dog.

Come – Have someone hold your dog on a leash and move about a meter away. Squat down, facing the dog, and call it “Come.” You could still reward them for the action.