Do you have a dog you love, and the dog loves you back? Imagine the type that welcomes you by dancing and tail wagging when you get back home, exhausted from work. This type of bond usually takes time to grow. There is no mistaking a dog that feels a strong emotional connection with you. Expect them to rub on you, wag, smile, and make real eye contact.

Teach Your Dog to Love Grooming

It feels gratifying and relaxing to see your dog sit at the countertop, clap their feet, dance on two feet, and do much more. As the owner, you should make it enjoyable to them that they remind you it is their time to showcase their talent.

Grab some tips on how to groom your dog and strengthen the bond between you:

– Regularly play games with your dog. Try fetch, tug, hide and seek, etc.

– Schedule training sessions and work on new skills as you reinforce the old ones.

– Don’t forget to try teamwork exercises like agility sports.

– Regularly conduct a quick health check to know if something is going on with your dog’s body.

– Dogs love grooming sessions or soothing massages.

The best way to groom and strengthen the bond between you and your dog is to spend the most time together. Treat the dog like your real lovable friend. Taking good care of your do would reward you with a lifetime of love.

Signs Your Dog is Bonded to You

Your dogs would be into you as the owner when they:

– Are generally happy to see you.

– Snuggle and smuggle with your belongings that carry your scent like clothing and shoes.

– Hop on you or lie beside you when lying down or resting at a place.

– Make expressive eye contact with you.

– Yawn as you do. Since dogs are contagious yawners, it’s most likely that when you yawn, they’ll do too.

– Check-in with you when you walk through the door.

– Listen and respond to you when you call or give them direction.

How a Well-Groomed Dog Can Help You Marry the Right Partner

How would you go for the wrong person when you have a perfect dog? You have a well-groomed dog with good behavior and whose conduct ticks almost all your preference boxes. Why not choose your partner the same way you would choose such a perfect dog? Temperament is king when looking for a long-term partner who you can end up marrying. Go for someone sunny and sweet-natured to elude hard work relationships. Such relationships lead to emotional exhaustion and breakdown – all in the name of trying to change or wait on someone to change for the better.

The chances are high that you will get along together if your dog seems to feel at ease in their presence for the first time. Although Rome was not built in a day, if they come across as people who are easy to socialize with and readily get along with your lovely pet, they’d probably turn out the jovial types with good manners. This is especially so if they know how to handle pets too.