Are you going out for a function tonight and need to take your dog to the boarding facility tonight? Probably you have some commitments, and you are unable to cater for your dog during the night and want to take your dog to a boarding facility. You may wonder what you require as you take your dog to board at night. Below is what you need to know about dog boarding at night.

Boarding KennelBoarding Kennel

You need to first identify the right kennel for your dog. How far is the kennel from where your home is? Please do thorough research, identify the best kennel of your choice, choose a couple of them, and visit them to see how they attend to other dogs. Are the staff friendly? How long do you need to get there to drop off your dog in the evening?

Kennel’s condition

Once you have identified the kennel, you want to take your dog. Check the conditions surrounding it. Just because you are accepting our dog at night should man, you overlook the essentials. Ensure the kennel you want to take your dog is clean and hygienic to prevent the dog from contracting any disease.

Night Staffs

During the day, there is enough staff to take care of all the dogs at the boarding. What of night staff? How many are they? Are they knowledgeable and able to handle dogs a night without? Do they have pet games for dogs boarding at night? It’s good to ensure all the necessary information on your first visit to the kennel.


How much is the cost to board a dog per night? Most kennels have different rates for day and night boarding. Check if it is within your budget range and what it covers. Will, the dog eat, are there beddings provided? Is your dog going to share a kennel or sleep alone? Know what the cost covers and from what time to what time.


What are the policies of the kennel that you have chosen? Is there any difference in policies for day and night boarding? Can you carry your dog’s food to the boarding facility? What about blankets and toys? What does their policy state about drop and pick off? What is their plan in case of an emergency? Do they have to stand by the vet? Ensure you learn and understand the policy before going ahead and booking your dog for the board.

What Are you Required to Carry?

When taking your dog to the vet, there are important things you need to carry, like emergency contact information for your fido. Carry a familiar blanket to the boarding kennel to keep your dog comfortable and less stressed while at the boarding house. Add some of your favorite snacks to encourage him to stay there well behaved while you say goodbye and toys to keep him busy.

Like you would check if all your dog’s needs are met during the day, so should you do while planning for a night board for your dog. Compare prices and policies of various kennels and settle for the best that meets all your furry friend’s needs.