When going out of town for work, vacation, or to visit a friend, you may leave your furry friend in a boarding facility. It is one of the hardest decisions any pet owner can make regarding their furry friend. The boarding facilities can be pet hotels or the vet’s office. Dogs need an outdoor area to play, affection and food, and you may lack time to do. What do you expect at a dog boarding facility?

Different Size of the KennelsDifferent Size of the Kennels

There are various boarding facilities where you can leave your fido when you are out of town. Boarding facilities have different sizes of kennels. If it is your first time taking your dog to a boarding facility, ensure you visit the place first to check on the kennels’ size. Will it be comfortable for your furry friend? Do not commit before you make a physical visit to the boarding facility you intend to leave your dog.

Different Facilities have different Policies

Just like any other facility, boarding dog facilities have different policies surrounding your dog’s care. Whether you are experienced in boarding your dog, it is good to check a boarding facility’s policies like the type of food your dog will have. Can you bring your dog’s food from home? Will the dog have their own space to eat and sleep? How many minutes will they walk the dog and its playtime? What are their policies in case of an emergency? Can they administer medicine? Will your dog interact with other dogs? If yes, how many at any given time.

Vaccinate Your Dog

Before you take your fido to the boarding house of your choice, ensure its vaccination update. The health of your dog is very significant. When your dog is at a boarding facility, it is at a higher risk of getting infected by the disease from the interaction with other dogs. Ensuring you vaccinate your dog will be safer. It is also a requirement with many dog boarding facilities to ensure the minimal spread of diseases.

How clean is the Facility?

A boarding facility holds many dogs simultaneously, and it can be hard to keep it clean. Nevertheless, a quality boarding facility should always stay clean. Despite the place being hard to clean and keeping it sterile, the Facility should have good hygiene and always smell clean.

Different Type of Diet

Most kennels provide dog food, but it can be a different type of food to feed your fido. If you do not want to change your dogs’ diet, you can request to bring your dog’s food. Some kennels may agree, depending on their policies. Please get to know how many times they feed, the amount they provide, and how many times they are feeding a day.

Like taking a baby-to-baby care, your dog should experience the best care when you are away. Use the guidelines above to find the best kennel for your puppy. You now understand what to expect in a dog boarding facility and choose the right kennel for your furry friend.